Steel Decoration

As Almeks Group, we are proud to serve you with years of experience.

Aluminum Joinery Manufacturing

We are happy to serve you, our valued customers, from the production and installation of heat insulated and non-insulated aluminum joinery in the desired series, considering the needs of our customers.

Composite Applications

All kinds of façade and surface composite coating covering our project, manufacturing, assembly are among our competencies. Until today, we are trying to maintain the philosophy of bringing together the quality and economy brought by engineering with the experience we have had in large-scale composite coating works, with the service we have provided to our valued customers.

Pergola Systems

The process from project to assembly in all kinds of places can be done within our structure and we consider it our greatest success to make your dreams come true. Applications can be made with or without insulation. We aim to make your dreams come true after the project, which will be created in line with the wishes of our customers, taking into consideration the comfort, economy, technology and environmental factors.

Steel Decorative Stairs Manufacturing

All kinds of indoor and outdoor ladder systems are designed by us and manufactured and installed. Indoor decorative stairs, outdoor handicapped ramps and stairs systems, fire stairs, seafarer stairs, water tank landing stairs and swimming pool stairs.

Stainless Decoration Manufacturing

We continue to serve our customers with our more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in all kinds of psychedelic productions, porch productions, indoor and outdoor decoration works. Aluminum and stainless railing fabrications, aluminum and stainless porch fabrications and all kinds of metal and indoor and outdoor decoration works.


Almeks Group has the competence to create a special project in your interior and exterior decoration works where all kinds of metal materials will be used, to be able to serve our valued customers, from the production to the assembly, from assembly to assembly. .

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